Site Investigation and Project Management

Clients turn to us to plan and manage geotechnical site investigations in shallow and deep waters, often in areas with complex soil conditions.

Our staff integrates geology, geotechnics, and marine archaeology to provide comprehensive seafloor engineering solutions worldwide, including the following:

  • Project planning and management and contract services
  • Detailed integrated geologic and engineering studies, as below:
    • Conventional and bespoke offshore sampling and in situ testing methods
    • Real-time field investigation modifications to sampling regimes based on as-found conditions and correlations with geophysical data
  • Onboard quality control (QC) for data acquisition
  • Interpretation of field soil and in situ data and preparation of field reports
  • Laboratory soil testing, test planning, and oversight, including advanced testing programs
  • Support for permitting and applications to meet requirements of governing and insuring agencies
  • Analysis and interpretation of data
  • Comprehensive reporting, including deliverables

Offshore Foundations

Clients trust us to in shallow and deep water and in areas with complex soil conditions. Our team uses all available data to choose the best scope for geotechnical data acquisition and laboratory testing. After data analysis, we develop geotechnical parameters to design offshore foundations or to support foundation design by others.

We analyze the following:

  • Shallow foundations
    • Jack-up rig footing penetration and punch-through analyses
    • Mudmat bearing capacity, sliding resistance, and settlement
    • Concrete mattresses
  • Deep foundations
    • Suction-pile and driven-pile penetration and holding capacity analyses
    • Conductors (drilled and grouted, as well as jetted)
    • Load-deformation responses (p-y, t-z, q-z), axial and lateral capacities
    • Pile-driving analyses
    • Existing pile reanalyses
    • Advanced and novel foundation concepts and installation recommendations
  • Hybrid foundations and anchors
    • Hybrid and pin-piled mudmats
    • Various anchors




Other Offshore Geotechnical Analyses

In addition, we provide the following:

  • Pipelines and risers
    • Pipe-soil interaction analysis for flowlines
    • Dynamic soil stiffness analysis for risers
    • Pipeline crossings
  • Slope stability and run-out analyses
    • Deterministic and probabilistic slope stability analysis
    • Risk index approach for candidate sites of run-out analysis
    • The probability of a run-out impacting structures
  • Special analyses
    • Seismic hazard analyses
    • Site response analyses
    • Subsea dropped-object protection studies
    • Finite-element analyses and simulations